Tuesday, May 27, 2008

2 Days of Shopping Trips!

I always keep an eye out on my favorite forums for tips from other couponers about deals at my local stores because I love getting those great deals! Here are all of my shopping trips from the past 2 days! I am so exhausted from all of the shopping in the hot weather down here, I am hoping for a break untill this weekend!


1 pair of beach sandals - 2.44$
6 boxes of Lipton Tea - 9.00$
14 Johnson's Buddies Soap - 13.16$
9 Meow Mix Market Select Cat Foot Cups - 4.14$
1 jar of Best Maid Hamburger Pickles - 1.68$
1 jar of Vlasic Dill Relish - 1.08$
1 jar of Vlasic Hamburger Pickles - 1.78$
3 jars of Vlasic Original Dill Pickles - 5.34$
7 boxes of Snuggle Dryer Sheets - 13.09$
4 bottles of Spring Water Gallons - 2.96$
28 Post It Flag Page Markers - 27.16$
2 All You Magazines - 3.54$

Total Before Coupons - 88.07

Coupons Used:

(4) .60$ off Lipton Tea
(14) 1.00$ off Johnson's product
(9) Free Meow Mix Market Select Cup
(5) 1.00$ off any Vlasic Pickles or Relish
(7) 1.00$ off Snuggle Dryer Sheets
(14) 3$ off 2 Post It Products

Total After Coupons: 12.33$



9 Sally Hansen Nail Polishes - 17.91$
10 La Cross Nail Boards - 10.90$
7 La Cross Nail Clippers - 12.53$
4 Packages of Picante Flavor Ramon Noodles - .28$
4 Packages of Lime Shrimp Ramon Noodles - .28$
2 packages of Heritage Sliced Cheese - 1.98$
5 bottles of Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover - 8.95$
1 tub of HEB Sour Cream - .88$
1 Package of Bluebird Powered Doughnuts - 2.89$
1 Package of Mission Tostada Shells - 2.25$
2 boxes of HEB Cream Cheese - 1.98$
1 bottle of Armour Dried Beef - 1.42$
1 box of Bread Flour - 2.59$
2 Packages of Red Star Yeast - 1.78$

Total Before Coupons - 67.31$

Coupons Used:

(26) 2.00$ any Sally Hansen Nail Product or La Cross Implements - 52.00$
(5) Buy Sally Hansen Nail Product get Free Sally Hansen Polish Remover - 8.95$

Total After Coupons - 6.36$



(10) 12 packs of Pepsi - 24.00$
(2) Adidas Deoderants - 9.98$
(2) Russel Stover Box Chocolates - 4.00$ (clearanced)
(2) Whitman's Box Chocolates - 3.50$ (clearanced)
(7) Ragu Pasta Sauces - 10.50$
(6) Revlon Nail Polish - 25.14$
(6) CVS Allergy Medicine - 22.74$
(1) pack of Bubblegum - .60$
(4) bottles of Mountain Dew - 3.18$
(1) box of Lipton Tea - 3.00$
(1) package of Bounty Paper Towels - 4.99$
(2) case of CVS brand 24 pack drinking water - 7.98$
(3) Colgate 360 Toothbrushes - 11.97$
(2) bottle of Tide Laundry Soap - 11.98$
(2) bottles of AquaFresh Toothpaste - 5.98$
(1) pack of Bubble Gum - .60$

Total Before Coupons - 146.35$

Total After Coupons - 21.33$


Forgive me for not posting my CVS deals in detail this time, this was about 7 transactions and I am not feeling too well, so I just merged everything together and I can't remember which coupons were which. Next time I will do better, I promise!

Friday, May 23, 2008

CVS and Walgreens!!

I had 30$ in RR's from Walgreens expiring today and I wanted to take an advantage of the 5$ off 20$ coupon that was good for today only, so I beat the 100 degree Texas heat to go shopping! Crazy huh? I usually only go out at night during the summer here but the sales were calling me! So here is what I snagged today, and I must say, YAY!!! No more Walgreens untill the next huge sale!


6 bottles of Purex Laundry Soap - 5.99$ each
4 bottles of Suavitel Fabric Softener - 2.79$ each
3 bottles of drinking water - .99$ each
1 box of 100 count Ultra Tuf trashbags - 9.99$
3 boxes of 30 count Ultra Tuf trashbags - 3 for 10$
5 boxes of Royal Gelatin - 5 for 1$
1 bag of hamburger buns - 1.69$
1 toy gun for my son - 1.99$

Total before coupons - 76.38$

Coupons Used:

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Purex Walgreens Special - 17.97$
Buy 1 Get 1 Free Suavitel Walgreens Special - 5.58$
(6) .50$ off Purex coupons
(4) 1.00$ off Suavitel coupons
(3) 10$ Register Rewards

Total After Coupons: 9.97$
Total Savings - 66.41$



Transaction #1:

(2) 12 packs of Coke - 6.00$
(1) Garnier Shampoo - 2.99$
(1) Almay Intense Mascara - 7.49$

Coupons Used:

(1) 1.00$ off Garnier
(1) 1.00$ off Almay
5$ off 15$ CVS coupon
8.98$ in ECB's

Total After Coupons: .00$
ECB's Earned: 6$ ( 1$ for Garnier / 5$ for Almay )


Transaction #2

(1) 12 pack of Coke - 3.00$
(1) Oral B Toothbrush - 1.99$
(2) packs of bubble gum - 1.00$
(2) bottles of Purex - 5.99$ (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)

Coupons Used:

(2) .50$ off Purex
(1) 1.00$ off Oral B
5$ off 15$ CVS coupon
5$ in ECB's

Total After Coupons: .00$
ECB's Earned - 1.00$


Transaction #3

(1) 12 pack of Coke - 3.00$
(1) Almay Intense Mascara - 7.49$
(2) bottles of Purex

Coupons Used:

(2) .50$ off Purex
(1) 1.00$ off Almay
5$ off 15$ CVS coupon
7.98$ in ECB's

Total After Coupons - 1.08$
ECB's Earned - 8$ ( 3$ for Coke / 5$ for Almay )


Transaction #4

(1) 8 pack rolls of Scott Paper Towels - 4.99$
(1) Garnier Conditioner - 2.99$
(4) Oral B Toothbrushes - 7.96$

Coupons Used:

(4) 1.00$ off Oral B
(1) 1.00$ off Scott Paper Towels
5$ off 15$ CVS coupon
5.94$ in ECB's

Total After Coupons - .00$
ECB's Earned - 5$ ( 4$ for Oral B / 1$ for Garnier )


So all in all I am really happy with my shopping trips today. For roughly 10$ OOP and 7.90$ in ECB's I got all of the stuff above and was able to spend my 30$ in RR's that expired today. I didn't do as good at CVS as I thought I would because the Almay was more expensive at my store than the forum peoples stores, and I forgot to use 1.00$ coupon so I lost out on 2$ overall.

I spent 27.90$ in ECB's and earned 20$ back which brings my total ECB's to 16$.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Shopping Sunday!

I went to 5 stores today and did all of my shopping for this week. I usually run to the stores about 4 times during the week but I am *so* tired of the gas prices and since I make myself stick to a strict 25$ per week gas budget I am starting to cut it close. Anyways, so I won't be leaving the house all this week unless there is a killer sale on something and I just absolutely have to! So here is what I got:


(2) Live Active Cereals - $2.84 each
(1) Pioneer Gravy Box - clearance to 3.00$
(1) Box of Electrasol Dishwasher Detergent - 2.76$
(6) 4 packs of Pillsbury biscuits - clearanced to 1.27$
(1) package of cheese crackers - clearanced to 1.00$
(16) cans of Muir Glen Organic Tomatoes - 1.14$ each
(2) Huggies Cleanteam Wipes - 1.64$ each
(1) 2 pack of clear tape - clearanced to .50$
(6) 10 packs of Schick disposable razors - 1.97$ each
(3) bottles of Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce - 1.47$ each

Total: 60.16$ before coupons

Coupons used:

(16) 1.00$ off Muir Glen Tomatoes
(2) 3.00$ Live Active Cereal
(2) 1.00$ off Huggies CleanTeam Product
(3) 1.00$ off any Sweet Baby Ray's
(6) 2.00$ off any Schick Disposable Razor

Total: 21.16$ after coupons!



(4) Meow Mix Market Select Cup Cat Food - .47$ each
(6) boxes of Pasta Roni - .99$ each
(2) boxes of Stove Top Stuffing - 1.45$ each
(3) boxes of Reynolds Handi Seal Bags - 2.85$ each
(1) tub of Country Crock butter - 1.99$
(2) cups of Easy Mac - .89$ each
(2) packages of Butterball turkey Bacon - .99$ each
(7) packages of Farmland Thick Cut Bacon - 2.50$ each
(1) bag of Goodlife Catfood - 3.49$

Total: 46.70$ before coupons

Coupons used:

(3) 1.00$ off 2 Pasta Roni (HEB coupon)
(3) .55$ off any Reynolds Handi Vac Product
(2) 1.00$ off Butterball Turkey Bacon
(4) Free Meow Mix Market Select Cups
(7) 2.00$ off Farmland Bacon
(1) Buy 2 Get 1 Free Reynolds Handi Vac bags (HEB coupon)
(2) Buy Easy Mac get Free Stuffing (HEB coupon)

Total: 15.98$ after coupons!



(1) Hunt's Ketchup - 1.00$
(2) Ragu Pasta Sauce - .99$ each
(1) Albertson's dozen eggs - 1.00$
(1) Albertson's Hotdog Buns - 1.00$
(2) Cacique Chorizo - 1.00$ each
(1) Albertson's french bread - 1.00$

Total: 14.03$ before coupons and great deal savings

Coupons used:

(2) .25$ off Ragu Pasta Sauce

Total: 7.48$ after coupons and great deal savings



(1) 8 pack roll of Scott Paper Towels - 4.99$
(5) 12 packs of Coke - 2.75$

Total: 33.60$ before coupons

Coupons used:

(1) 3$ off 15$ CVS coupon
(1) 1.00$ scott paper towels
(1) Buy 4 Cokes Get 1 Free (CVS coupon)
(1) 10.00$ ECB

Total: 2.15$ after coupons!



(5) 12 packs of Pepsi - Buy 4 Get 1 Free
(1) 100 count Tuf Trashbags - 9.99$
(1) Wooden Jewelery box - clearanced to 2.99$
(2) bags of M&M's - .69$ each

Total: 40.02$ before coupons

Coupons used:

(2) 10$ RR's

Total: 2.55$ after coupons!


So that does it for all of my shopping this week.... although I might run to Super S and see if I can get more of the .50$ lunch meat I got last week with my double coupons, plus today is our movie night with the free Redbox Movie code so that gives me a good reason to go!

In all of these trips I spent 49.32$ and I did awesome! I try to abide by a 50$ a week grocery budget and I just barely made it! Ofcourse after the lunch meat I will probably be 2$ over budget but that's ok!

I also have to buy materials and Lowes and Home Depot to finish our fence, and a small lunch at Taco Bell, so I also spent 46.28$ on that stuff and hopefully I won't have to spend any more money besides my groceries from now on!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Walgreens, CVS, Super S, & HEB

So I did some shopping today and yesterday and today I just found out that a local grocery store here, Super S, doubles coupons upt o 1.00$!! Woohoo!! I never knew this and it's so cool getting double coupons, I have always been so jealous of everybody else that gets doubles. Now if only Albertsons and HEB would start it would be so nice! So anyways, here are the totals between the 3 stores:

Super S:

I got:

(2) large size Kraft Salad Dressing
(1) A1 Steak Sauce
(1) Bad of Salad
(2) Cans of Veg All Mixed Veggies
(2) boxes of Eggos
(1) bottle of Frenchs Mustard
(4) Banquet Pot Pies
(1) Store Brand Syrup
(1) 5 lb bag of potatoes
(2) Land O' Frost Sandwich Meats


(1) .75$ Kraft Coupon doubled to 1.50$
(1) 1.00$ A1 coupon doubled to 2.00$
(1) .50$ French's Mustard coupon doubled to .99$
(2) 1.00$ Land o Frost coupons doubled to 4.00$
(2) .20$ Veg All coupons doubled to .80$
(2) .55$ Eggo coupons doubled to 2.20$

So my total before coupons was 26.33$ and after was 14.84$! I saved 11.49$ with my coupons, not too bad for a first time doubler! None of that stuff was on sale either, I was just dieing to try double coupons though so I bought that stuff for shelf price :-O



I also bought a few things here with no coupons because I was making banana nut bread and needed a few things for it. No pictures because I don't want to dig everything back out of the freezer and I already used most of it... lol!

1 Fishers Walnuts
1 Graham Cracker Pie Crust
1 Imperial Sugar
1 All Purpose Flour
4.15 lbs of Bananas
12 Packages of 1 lb Farmland Bacon


(12) 2.00$ coupons for Farmland Bacon


37.90$ before coupons - 13.90$ after coupons

I got all of the baking stuff yesterday for 7.90$ and all of the bacon today for 6$!! Can't beat .50$ bacon, woot!



I have been trying hard to use up my RR's for Walgreens and stuff I will eventually need that I usually don't have coupons for and that is pretty expensive. Plus I have been treated so badly at Walgreens during the last week, once I use all of my RR's I probably won't be going back untill the next killer deal rolls around. Some of the stuff I got is not pictured in this picture because it has already been put up and I don't want to dig it back out.

(4) 1 gallon bottles of water
(5) packages Pampers diapers
(2) boxes of trashbags
(1) package chocolate doughnuts
(2) boxes of envelopes
(1) Hello Kitty coloring book
(8) Red Baron Pizzas
(2) loafs of bread


5.73$ after RR's and coupons



I didn't use really any coupons besides (5) 2.00$ off Pampers coupons and my (5) 10$ RR's. I still have 53$ in RR's to redeem!



Last but not least the wonderful CVS! No pictures for this one being I only got 2 things and was too lazy to whip out the camera.

2 Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreens - found (2) 2.00$ off peelies on the bottles

Total before coupons:


Total After Coupons:

Paid with a 10$ ECB and paid 1.18$ OOP and got back 10$ ECB!!


Ok I am exhausted from typing all of that up... seems like I have been slacking lately in saving money, I was doing much better a few weeks ago. I guess I have been buying a few things that are not on sale the past couple of weeks and that's why. I am getting back into my old impulse buying ways again, I must get therapy!! I don't think I did too terribly bad though, I got everything above for 35.65$. I am not too impressed with myself, but considering before I would have spent over 100$ at Walmart for the same amount of food and products I am pretty happy. Anyways, time to clean house, talk soon!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

My CVS Deals 5/11

Ok so I went to CVS last night for the deal on the Venus Embrace but the sweet checker told me they were honoring 5/11-5/18 ad that night! YES! So I went ahead and got the stuff I was going to get today so I could save a trip to the store. So this is what I got:

5 - 12 packs of Coke
1 Venus Embrace
5 Colgate Total Advanced
1 Schick Intuition
3 Aquafresh Extreme Clean

I used:

(1) 4$ coupon on Embrace
(4) 1$ coupons on Colgate
(1) 1.50$ coupon on Colgate
(3) 1$ coupons on Aquafresh
(1) 4$ coupon on Schick
3/15$ CVS coupon

34.35$ in ECB's
1.05$ OOP

Received: 29.97$ in ECB's (but actually only got 21$ because 8.97$ didn't print so they gave me 8.97$ back in cash!)

ECB's Left: 33.98$

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Rocking Walgreens All Week Long!!

Hello folks! I have been couponing for a little over a month now and I wanted to be more organized on all of this, so starting in May I started keeping a log book of every single dollar I spend at every store I go to, and now I wanted to do something so I could remember just what I got for the little bit of money I spent! So here it goes!!

Started this week shopping at Walgreens bright and early at 12:30AM Sunday morning. Since then I have done about 20-30 transactions at 2 different stores and I have kept track of it as well as I could. So here are pics of all of the stuff I have gotten.

(( Click on the images to make them bigger ))

Ok so the breakdown is as follows....

39 Crest Pro Health Toothpastes
6 Venus Embrace Razors
27 Covergirl Boundless Nail Polish
6 Covergirl Pencil Sharpeners
10 Covergirl Brow/Eye Pencils
10 Covergirl Wet Slicks
5 Covergirl Eyeshadows
3 Chapsticks
1 Covergirl Lipstick
1 Covergirl Blush
1 Covergirl TruBlend Mineral Blush
1 Covergirl TruBlend Mineral Powder
1 Covergirl TruBlend Pressed Powder
4 Covergirl Foundations
4 Covergirl Makeup Sponges
5 Covergirl Powder Puffs
2 Mini Color Pens for my Purse
1 Charmin Wipes
14 Packs of Charmin Toilet Paper
1 Pack Quilted Northern Toilet Paper
4 Packs of Huggies Diapers
6 Packages of Oreo Cookies
2 Packs of Chocolate Chip Cookies
2 Color Books
4 Schick Titanium Razors
4 Schick Titanium Trimmers
4 Schick Quattro for Women
1 Schick Intuition for Women
9 Schick Titanium Razor Refill Catridges
4 Packs of Venus Disposable Razors

And here is the money totals:

Total OOP spent: 56.99$
Total $ Saved: 705.00$
Total RR's Earned: 392$ approx (kinda lost track over the week)
RR's left to Redeem: 123$


I also hit up CVS last night thinking I could get a good deal on the Revlon makeup spend 20$ get 10$ ECB's back, but I didn't do as good as I thought I would.

Used 14.97$ in ECB's
1.29$ OOP spent
10$ ECB's back

The only reason I did this deal since I have plenty of makeup is because all of my ECB's are expiring on 5-31-08 and I needed to roll some so I had them to use for the June deals on the 1st. I currently have 48$ in ECB's to roll.

So all in all it has been a good week for me, especially at Walgreens and I really never shop there because I don't like the rebate system, and after I spend these RR's I probably won't be shopping there again untill another awesome deal comes around. I am going to spend the rest of my RR's on diapers and possibly Electrasol tablets if they are not totally overpriced. I am glad today is the last day of the sales there because I am so tired of having the urge to go back.

Thanks for reading about my deals!

A Little About Me!

Welcome to my blog everybody! This is a small post about me. I started couponing on 3-30-08 because I got tired of how much money I was spending weekly on the stuff we needed, plus I was an impulse spender and could easily spend 200$ a week on nothing, and have nothing to show for it. I am pregnant and my second baby is due on 08-01-08 so I really wanted to start saving more money and become a better mom!

So I started googling the keyword coupons and other coupon related stuff a few days before 3-30-08 and I came across the site thegrocerygame.com - I started reading the message boards and once I started seeing so many women saving 60-90% on their groceries so easily, I was hooked! I signed up for my 4 week trial and could hardly wait till Sunday came around so I could go shopping.

Well it started off kinda slow but my first couple of shopping trips I easily saved 40% or better, and now, a little over a month later, I am saving 60-70% at grocery stores and 90% or better at the drug stores! If you are just starting out and looking for a good place to start learning to coupon and saving tons of money, check out thegrocerygame.com ! If you sign up, I would appreciate you using me as a referral, my username is kkeller2002@yahoo.com (this is not my current email address)

So anyways, that's how it has all started. Now that I save so much money and get so much stuff free, I always find myself kicking myself for throwing so much money down the drain the past few years. I keep telling myself there is nothing you can do to change the past and to be happy I am starting now... but just thinking of the $1000's of dollars I could have saved makes me a little sick.

So this is a blog dedicated to all the money I save and probably other things too as I get further into it. I hope you will stop back in and check out my steals and deals a lot!