Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Well I am happy to announce tonight that I am finally caught up on pretty much everything I needed to do, and I have only been caught up for about an hour now but I already feel so relieved! I finished cleaning the whole house (except my bathroom, tackling that tonight), I the past 2 weeks worth of coupons clipped and put away in my coupon binder, I finally made it to Walmart for the rest of my All You magazines, and I cleaned off my desk so now I can actually blog!!

I can't believe it's only been 2 weeks since baby came home, it seems like he has been here for so much longer... I just hope time doesn't fly by with this one like it did with my oldest son, he is already almost 6 years old and it seems like just yesterday he was a little baby like my new baby. It makes me sad to see them growing up so fast.

I am, however, happy that he is back in school, I am already loving it! He hates going shopping or leaving the house in general and whines and whines and whines when I used to make he go to Walmart or CVS with me, so atleast now baby and I can shop till we drop!

I am way off budget this month since I spent a lot more than I was planning to, baby needed unexpected stuff and I had to switch to driving the Durango instead of my car and gas in that thing is crazy! I have also spent a lot on school shoes, underwear, socks, etc, etc. The biggest budget buster (well not really, we had it in savings) was my DH upgrading his little 250cc motorcycle to a 14 year newer 750cc, 2003 Honda Shadow which costed us 5000$. He is a great guy and he works hard and gives me all but 40$ of his paychecks every week so I never say anything when he wants to buy something. Besides, it will pay for itself in no time, he only uses about 10$ in gas per week versus the 70$ he was spending in the Durango.

So anyways, it feels good to just sit and blog for a while, and I can't wait for my Super Savings Sunday post this Sunday because I have been taking pictures of all of my deals for the past few weeks, I just haven't been posting them, so I will have lots of pics to share! I have to get back to work at my normal computer job too, I didn't work at all this month so my income is down very low for August, gonna get back into the swing of things and start making some $$ again!

I will be posting a lot more now but it will start off slowly, I am caught up but I am still exhausted and sometimes the last thing I want to do is sit at the computer =) Can't blame me though, holding a baby at the computer totally kills my back.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Yes! There is a baby!

Sorry I haven't given you an update yet on the baby. I didn't know I would be this wiped out from the little guy, I seriously thought I would be back to normal in a couple of days. So anyways, he held out and was born on 8-8-08 at 1:45 PM and was a half ounce away from being 8 pounds even. He is such a pretty little guy and such a good baby too, just like his big brother was. I feel extremely lucky that I have been blessed with babies that don't cry or fuss and make life so much easier on me.

We got to come home the next day but I was majorly sore and didn't do anything besides clean a little and cook. I still feel so tired and it is almost 2 weeks later, but I am only getting about 4-5 hours of sleep per night so that's probably why. I can't take naps during the day because my body just won't let me, so until I get used to the lack of sleep I am going to feel like this.

Luckily school starts back in a week and I will have a bit of time to myself (well I will still have the baby) and I can start getting back to work with my blog and everything else. So I just wanted to give the update and I am going to start posting a bit during this week and once school starts back I will get some kind of schedule going.

Monday, August 4, 2008

No Baby Yet, Taking the Week Off

Just letting everybody know that I am STILL pregnant! Not that that is a bad thing, I am starting to get sad that my last few days of pregnancy is upon me. I was due this previous Friday but my babies just seem to run late so I kinda expected he wouldn't be here. Normally I would just let it go untill he comes on his own, but I choice to be induced this Friday in hopes of having a baby born on 8-8-08! So they set it up at the hospital and now I am just hoping he stays in me a few more days.

So I am taking a break from blogging this week just to relax and enjoy myself, I am not doing any shopping either unless it's a good deal because the heat is killing me. So I will post back hopefully on Friday night when my baby is here =)

Wish me luck on my 8-8-08 baby!