Monday, January 19, 2009

My Menu This Week

Ok so now since you have seen what I bought for groceries this week, I will give you the recipes I am using to cook all week! I didn't have to buy a whole lot because I have almost everything I needed in my stockpile. I am getting very good at cooking and I only make a meal once per 30 days, so I am always trying new stuff. Being that these recipes are new to me and I haven't tried them before, I cannot vouch for how tasty they are =) I always check the reviews though and they seem really good so I am sure it will all be yummy!



Brown Sugar Meatloaf with mashed potatoes and mac&cheese
Find the Brown Sugar Meatloaf here.


Garlic Chicken with Pasta and Breadsticks
Find the Garlic Chicken recipe here.

I am cooking the garlic chicken per the recipe, and serving spaghetti on the side with Pillsbury breadsticks.


Ham Steaks with mashed potatoes and broccoli/cheese.
(No recipe for these, just cooking the ham steaks I found in the freezer)


Homemade pizza & cheesy breadsticks


Salisbury Steak with mashed potatoes and a veggie
Find the Salisbury Steak recipe here.


Leftovers or something the hubby cooks


Homemade enchiladas
(recipe on the back of the Hatch enchilada sauce)


Karen said...

Everything looks yummy!

Christina Strapp said...

The salisbury steak sounds yummy. Thank you for the recipe.