Sunday, February 8, 2009

Menu Plan Monday!

Sorry for the irregular posting the past month but I really haven't had too much to blog about. I got back to work at my business and haven't done much shopping. I did however make a menu for this next week and I am glad! We have ate out too much this past week because of the lack of a menu.

Monday: Spicy Chicken Soup

Tuesday: Chicken Picatta

Wednesday: Lemon Linguine

Thursday: Salisbury Steak

Friday: Pizza & Bread sticks

Saturday & Sunday: Probably something from the grill

So as you can see, nothing too exciting this week and lots of chicken! I am running out of new recipes to make and haven't had time to search AllRecipes for new ones.

As a side note, I am about to redeem my first gift certificate from SwagBucks!! I have only been a member for about a month I think, if that, and I just do all my searches there instead of google. I am so excited, nothing is better than free money right!

If you haven't signed up here yet you really should!

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Search & Win


Alana said...

Have you stopped blogging or have you moved to another site? If you have moved, please give me the new URL. I enjoyed reading your blog.

Teresa Overstreet said...

I live in Warren, TX and was wondering what Walmart that you go to because the ones that I have ever went to will not accept more than one same coupon.

nikee said...

Let me start by saying I enjoy reading your comments and posts....Ive recently started couponing and I think I'm doing pretty good. Unfortunately I've hit a snag. Im trying to figure out how to shop healthy when my grocery budget is two hundred dollars per month ( two people)?

I don't know if you already do this, but I find it useful to keep all the recipes off of anything I buy. (theres usually one on every box and bag) You can put your own twist to make them healthy.

Eric said...

I found this the other day, and it seemed like you might get a kick out of it.

I had never seen a mobile offer like this for SacNPac -

If you ever go there, it's a fun offer - who doesn't love Sweet tea with Reese's?